Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The New Price of Journalistic Integrity

$250.000. That’s the going rate for talking up the Bush administration in the great city just east of the Rocky Mountains. That’s enough to buy a house, car, and more than a few rounds at the local watering hole. That’s the new price of journalistic integrity.

It is the amount Armstrong Williams, a conservative columnist here in Denver, got paid by Bush and his propaganda machine to say a few nice words about the ‘no child left behind’ act. $250,000. That is 250,000 times more than we here at Shoutwire get paid per article. It is more than most of us get paid in a year at our civilian jobs.

That is one hell of a lot for a few encouraging words from one who is already an ally. To be fair, the man in question was a conservative journalist, so he probably would have gotten behind the act anyways. Do these people who run our country even think?

It seems not. I hope this isn’t how they are planning on educating our kids.

Actually, as an aspiring journalist, I hope it is. I could use $250,000. Hell, give me $25 and buy me a drink and I’ll make this monkey president look better than the great Vince Lombardi himself. It’s pretty easy to buy a man who works for little over minimum wage, and it doesn’t cost as much.

Ah, dreams. It wouldn’t work anyways. I’d probably end up taking the money and running off to Mexico to bask in the sun and cheap drugs for the rest of my life. That is until I was hunted down as a traitor and burned at the stake in the middle of the White House lawn. I guess when it comes right down to it I’d rather be a thief than a liar.


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