Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Weekly ShoutWire Ban Report

This is probably a bad idea, but at the very least it will be fun.

RussiansAreHomesexuals was banned on the 20th for being generally gay and spewing forth hate. The same day a previously banned user by the name of Mitza tried sneaking back in but was caught and killed. The next day a poker spammer was banned for attempting to promote his crappy website in our beloved home of internet news, and McdonaldsGUNSandheartattacksOhmy was banned with no reason given. I think from the username, however, it is not hard to figure out.

Later on in the week, a user by the innovative name of claudesdgfs15 was banned twice for spamming on two different accounts. A certain blackenja was banned for being an “Idiot who posts nothing but nonsense.” The ever popular AmericanAreOverwieght was also shit-canned for a few days with no explanation needed. How many of us saw that coming?

A blogger by the name of Amigo pissed someone off this week by repeatedly linking to his blog. No one likes to see that. Thamnophilus8978 was banned for repeated spam, but that wasn’t enough for this genius; he came back under duplicate names over ten times in a three minute span before he finally gave up. Some people should be shot rather than banned.

It seems as though DrunkenRatTrap was advertising an eBay auction and was banned earlier today. Another casualty was an advertiser by the name of tonot4.

Amigo came back and was banned again for trying to blog. Give it up, Amigo - we don’t like you.

10 new URLs were banned this week. Amongst the damned were a wedding website, a website that has something to do with wine, and a website dedicated to rare birds I am assuming. Some people will try to advertise anything on ShoutWire. Really, how many of us are planning on getting married anytime soon? Even if I was, I would make sure it had nothing to do with anything I found on ShoutWire. Some people have no shame.

One last thing. If you would like a user banned, send an e-mail to xxoozero@shoutwire.com with the subject “SW USER BAN: USERNAME” with the username being that of the person you want to vote to be banned. The user who receives the most votes by next week gets banned for three days.


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