Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Free Speech Or PC?

It is late in the game and we, as a society, have finally reached the very edge of creative expression. Sensitivity has grown to enormous proportions; there is no doubt about that. Some groups will go to the greatest lengths imaginable in order to silence any critics. Freedom of speech is not important to these people, only the agendas they push make any kind of a difference in their twisted, one–sided minds.

We have come to the point where we must choose between freedom and feelings. Should something that offends some people but speaks what others are thinking be eradicated to save the few from being offended? In effect, wouldn’t an action such as this by any governing body be a declaration of loyalty to the offended side?

It could definitely be construed as such. If one man has the right to say something, another should have the right to say that what was said first was false. It is the basic right to protest. Every human should have that right, no matter whom you are or what point of view you represent.

Getting offended is the price we pay for freedom. If certain groups are going to be off limits we should make that exception for everyone. This is to say if I can make fun of Christians but not Muslims, then we might as well all cover our women and stop eating pork, because these things offend them as well. Maybe we should also forget that 9-11 ever happened and ban the use of the American flag everywhere, because these are also things that Islam is sensitive too as well.

See, this PC thing only works for certain groups. It is the ones who cry loud enough. Still, we can’t blame them completely. The blame also falls upon the ones in power who listen to them and censor accordingly. Seriously, what makes Mohammed any better than Jesus so we can’t make fun of each of them equally?

Why is it that black people can be open about their racism and whites can’t? Why is it that whites can not be openly racist against blacks, but can say whatever they want about the Mexican immigrants? Why is it that Muslims can burn our flags in their streets and run planes into our buildings but we can’t say the least little thing bad about them?

I’ll tell you why. Because people cry too much. The one-third of me that is Cherokee Indian would like to tell you “oppressed” peoples out there to fuck off and stop whining. You have no idea what real oppression is. The cold truth is most of what is said to make fun of a people is basically correct, that’s why it is so funny.

In conclusion, this world is never going to advance until people stop crying about being offended by something someone halfway across the world said. If anything, we as a people, and that means Muslims, Christians, blacks, whites, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and every other exclusive group in this world, should be offended by what isn’t being said.

Only when we delve into our problems from a serious and uncaring point of view without worrying about others feelings will we finally be able to move forward with some of them. Until then, we will hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no freedom.


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