Tuesday, October 10, 2006

America's Response

Somewhere in the last ten years, the people of America have lost control of our politics. It is not something that happened overnight, it was a slow gradual process. Few of us even knew it was happening.

Now we have soldiers fighting wars in remote parts of the world. We, as a people, never would have agreed to a long drawn out conflict in Iraq. We were told by our Vice President that our time over there would be measured in weeks, not years. We were also told that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction hidden and led to believe they could be used against us in the future. After the events of 9-11, we were all understandably shaken at any mention of an attack.

While it is true that we did elect Mr. Bush to a second term, it is also true that our voting system is not to be trusted, as was demonstrated in Florida during the 2000 elections. Also, John Kerry wasn’t exactly a sharper knife to put in the drawer. Trust me on this, no one misses Bill Clinton more than the American people.

Now the rest of the world hates us. While it may be true we brought it upon ourselves it was never our intention. We don’t want our soldiers overseas fighting any more than anyone else does. Our government is evil and we know it, but there is not much we can do about it now but ride the damn thing out.

Impeachment won’t happen. Frankly, it is because we don’t care that much anymore. We have just decided to wait a few years and hope for the best. It is a lot easier than the alternative, which has the potential to split our country in two. If it means we will be the most hated, then so be it. It is not like we were all that popular before.

America, Fuck Yeah!


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