Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Weekly Sports Report

Hello, fellow sporting fans, ShoutWires most hated here with a new column entitled, “The Weekly Sports Report”. In these tirades, I will be taking a weekly objective look into the world of competitive contests and hopefully catering to a whole new type of reader. Here, there will be no politics, no religion, no Anti American Sentiment. These pieces will not be written for shouts or popularity. Most of the people here don’t even like sports, but for those who do, these columns will be written for you.

Enough with the intros, let’s get down to business. It was a tough week for Barry Bonds as he continued unsuccessfully in his journey to beat the ghost of Babe Ruth. It seems he just can’t pull that 714th homer out of his arse no matter how many steroids he pumps into it. It is all a lot of chatter about nothing however, as no doubt by next week the Bondsman will have destroyed yet another record and be aiming at Aaron.

Big, bad, Barry was not the only one to have a rough week. The world champion Spurs were beaten soundly by a single point at the hands of their cross state rivals, the Dallas Mavericks. The last second heroics of limping center Dirk Nowitzki gave the D-Maks a 2-1 lead over the Spurs in the western conference semi finals. The Suns of Phoenix hold the Clippers in a similar 2-1 predicament on the other side of the west. Colorado hometown kid Chauncey Billups and his Detroit Pistons hold a 2-1 edge over LaBron and his Cavaliers of Cleveland in the east, while on the other side of that great conference the Heat and Big Daddy Shaq hold the same advantage over the New Jersey Nets.

In NHL post season news, the dreaded Ducks stole the series from my beloved Avalanche 4-0, while the Sabres took out Ottawa 4-1. Carolina leads the other Jersey team involved in the playoffs, the aptly named Devils, with an almost too commanding 3-1 lead, while the Oilers and the Sharks slug it out with their series tied 2-2.

In football news, a kickoff between Liverpool and West Ham in the Cup final proved to be quite dramatic. Steven Girard scored a last minute goal to send the game into extra time when Liverpool goalkeeper Jose Reina saved three of the last four penalty kicks fired his way in the extra minute shootout. Girard gave the English a scare as he went down towards the end of normal time with a cramp; however, after the game he assured his country that he would be more than ready for the finals.

Fight fans had a good weekend if they happened to catch the Hatton/Collazo title brawl. In a stunning 12 round decision, Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton successfully won the welterweight WBC title against the defending champ Collazo. The Manchester native is now on track to get his chance to live up to his hype against real boxers like De La Hoya and Mayweather. Soon, he may be known less as the Hitman and more as the man who got hit.

That’s all for now, folks. Tune in next week for more unbiased coverage of your favorite sports.


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