Tuesday, October 10, 2006

F*ck Religion...

Years ago, not too long before my time, a great man wrote a great song. His name was John Lennon and that song was called “Imagine”. In it was a line that resonates with just as much truth today as it did during the times it was written in.

That line was, “Imagine no religion”.

John was eventually killed for his ideas, but many more have been killed because we didn’t listen.

Take a look around. If people woke up tomorrow and realized that more than half of what they hold sacred is nothing but superstitious bullshit and that no matter how you look at it we are all in this together, over half of the violence in this world would cease instantly. It is far past the time for all of us to admit the truth, which is that none of us have even the remotest idea what might happen when we die.

Everywhere you look there are religious crackpots telling us how to live our lives. I think these people need a good kicking. That goes for every pastor, priest, prophet, rabbi, and whatever else they call themselves in this world. These people are the enemies of peace and all else that is good in this world. They remind us of this every few years when they make sure that a war breaks out somewhere in the world because someone else doesn’t believe the same as they do.

I am sick and tired of people crying over cartoons, bothering me at my house to preach to me, trying to teach our kids religious beliefs in our schools, and generally just being really fucking annoying over a subject that is so fucking stupid. Here is an idea, why don’t you forget about what might happen when you die and just live your life? That way, whatever happens, you will know that you had fun with the small amount of time you were allotted here on Earth.

Life in itself is a reward for being born. If there is nothing after it, the whole thing would have still been well worth it. We need to act as though there is no higher purpose and our only reason of being here is to make the world a better place for us.

Until we can all realize that, this thing called religion will continue to destroy us.


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