Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Quotes From The MPAA Website

The following are some quotes from the MPAA’s website.

“People often download movies on the Internet because they believe they are anonymous and will not be held responsible for their actions. They are wrong.”

Some people also believe they can keep feeding us crap and make us pay 10$ a pop for it. They are the ones who are the ball lickers! I mean, wrong.

“The illegal downloading and swapping of movie files is a serious crime. Pirates and their affiliates can and will be tracked for engaging in Internet piracy.”

Yes, the prisons should be full of download-happy computer geeks instead of murderers and rapists. That is what our society is lacking for sure.

“Some countries have already experienced the complete shutdown of their own movie industries due to piracy.”

No wonder Zimbabwe is so poor.

“The average motion picture cost the MPAA member companies $96.2 million to make and market in 2005. Six out of ten movies never recoup their original investment. Fewer movies will be made and fewer creative risks will be taken if piracy is continues to rob those who invest in movies.”

Six out of ten movies suck. And what do we give a fuck if some artsy asshole doesn’t get to make his stupid chick-flick that we have already seen 20 million times before? Maybe what we need here is less quantity and more quality; make these guys start working for a living like the rest of us.

“For consumers to continue to experience the variety and quality of movies they expect, piracy must be controlled. The entertainment industry recognizes the potential of technology to deliver content in new and exciting ways. However, the looming threat of piracy can thwart innovation.”

They have used the word “piracy” where they should have used the word “corporations” and the word “innovation” where they should have used the words “profit margin”. I still also fail to see how it is all of a sudden our fault that the majority of movies they make suck and nobody wants to watch them.

“The US movie industry provides jobs, revenue and an export surplus for the US economy. Piracy hurts economies everywhere movies are sold, displayed or broadcast. In 2005, MPAA studios lost $6.1 billion to piracy.”

Here and all this time I thought it was the whole war thing that was hurting our economy. Silly me, it was the internet pirates the whole time.

“Downloading a movie without paying for it is no different than walking into a store and stealing a DVD off the shelf.”

And charging me five dollars for a soda is also highway robbery.

“Each week, law enforcement around the
world catch movie thieves red handed.”

And that is something to be proud of, because they didn’t have to catch any real criminals that week.

“And it's not just the wealthiest people involved in movies that are hurt. It's every one of the 750,000 people who get up every day in the U.S. and go to work to bring you the magic of the movies. It's people like the stuntmen and women, the grips, the makeup artists and even the caterers who feed the crew.”

If we keep downloading, they are going to stop feeding the crew? Pretty soon, Tom Cruise will be as hungry as a hostage.

“The US Motion Picture Industry employs over 750,000 people nationwide, not to mention the thousands of peripheral jobs that rely on the movie industry such as advertising to popcorn manufacturers.”

They expect us to have sympathy for a man who sells us 8$ tubs of popcorn? Screw that guy right in his ass.

“Piracy is the unauthorized taking, copying or use of copyrighted materials without permission. It is no different from stealing another person's shoes or stereo, except sometimes it can be a lot more damaging.”

I fail to see how downloading a movie can be anywhere near stealing a man’s tunes and making him walk home barefoot.



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