Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Sick Of Your Stupid Blogs

I know where the irony is in the title... seeing as how you are reading this on a blog and I'm railing against blogs... but this is different. What I do here is write. Original pieces. Sometimes they suck, sometimes they don't, but they are never just one or two lines about some crap I read somewhere else. Reading something here you know you will at least be seeing work I spent more than five minutes and one cigarette fucking with.

People like this Perez Hilton guy make me want to puke and eat it. This fag, combined with the abomination that is the Twitter website, are ruining internet journalism. If you can't take the time out of your day to spend an hour trying to make something worthy of being read, then you don't belong posting anywhere. If you only have a quick blurb, save that shit for a comment section somewhere. When people click on an article they want to fucking read something.

Die in a chemical fire, you assholes. You are ruining what we took years to build.

The same thing goes for the assholes who copy and paste something funny they read on another blog. This has been going on for years. I would like to travel back in time to the moment the first fucktard who did it decided it was ok to STEAL someone elses work and use it to run ads and get a few extra hits and kick his ass. Fuck you bastards. If you didn't write it yourself, what makes you think the original author would give you permission to post it to your crappy site and act like you did? Copypasta is only funny on 4chan... everywhere else it is annoying crap.

Speaking on behalf of others who actually write and don't just Twitter, we have worked hard to shut down print newspapers all over the country. Now we are being screwed by lame dick faggots whose creativity spans all of two sentences before they call it a day. What they do is NOT news. It is NOT journalism. For fucks sake, it is not even worthy of a good comment most of the time.

It is not even blogging. Blogging at least has some merits.

Starting with Myspace, and ending with Twitter, creating a big Facebook sandwhich, is the evil that has destroyed our credibility forever. Social news should have called it a day with sites like Fark, Shoutwire, Digg and Reddit. It all went downhill when certain assholes began to think just having their name on something was enough to get people involved. I don't give a fuck who you are. Write something good or go back to your Facebook sammich, bitches.

Sure, I write crap every now and then. We all do. But at least I try to give you more than two paragraphs. That is the difference between a simple comment and something that should be shared. That is the mindset we need to get back to these days. Also, if you are trying to sell something, do it the old fashioned way by going door to door so we can sick our dogs on you. No one buys a wedding dress on the internet, and if that's what your website is selling, eat shit and die.

Thus ends six paragraphs of a good, old school rant. Six plus two sentences and this closing. See how I did that? Now take the cock out of your mouth, you Twitter faggots, and suck this instead. This is what the internet was supposed to be, not you.