Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Should Saddam Be Killed?

Saddam Hussein. He is the second most notorious criminal in the world, right behind Osama Bin Laden and just ahead of George Bush. His trial is a farce, there is no doubt he will be convicted on all charges. He has even made statements about how he would like to be killed. But should he be killed?

There is no question that he has committed heinous crimes against humanity. His record is filled with assassinations, genocide, torture, and a lack of football on Sundays, the latter of which would be, in a perfect world, an offense punishable by death on its own merits. However, we can’t all be Bronco fans, so for the sake of argument let’s say we let him live.

He would definitely be imprisoned, but where? Iraq? Gitmo? San Quentin? Maybe we should just put him back in the spider hole we allegedly found him in and fill the entrance with quick drying concrete.

Let’s face it, he is not going to walk, even if the court does find him innocent. Iraq is just not a democracy of that caliber yet. It’s a shock that he hasn’t been assassinated already. With the amount of people he killed and the sickening ways he went about it, I’m sure there is no shortage of grieving family members waiting for the clear shot.

If we don’t kill him you can bet he is not going to just disappear. Hell, in this sick and twisted world there will probably be hundreds of women waiting in line to marry him. Disturbing, yet true.

If we do kill him, though, there is always the question of how. I’ve seen the suggestions on this site and I have to applaud the creativity of each and every one of them. If there is one thing we as Americans know how to do it’s make a man suffer before he dies.

In reality we can’t do any of that. Basically, our options are lethal injection, electrocution, gas chamber, or firing squad. The first is arguably too good for him, I can’t see him being strapped to the electric chair, and the firing squad is just what he wants. The gas chamber might be a bit ironic and fun though.

In the end, I think history will take care of itself. He will be assassinated. Clean, quick, and only one person to take the blame. Poetic justice. Perhaps he will be murdered by some deformed old man who lost his family and both ears in one of Saddam’s gas attacks. Maybe it will be an old lady who lost her five sons to his murderous regime.

This isn’t a perfect world, but sometimes it can be close.


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