Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Xxoozero Explained

In light of recent events, I think it may be about time for me to explain myself; who I am, where I am from, and why I say the things that I do. Up to this point, I have offended a lot of people. I wish you could all see the smirk on my face as I wrote that sentence.

First, let’s start with who I am. It is widely believed that I am Caucasian. This, however, would be somewhat of a misconception. By classification I am Hispanic, but in truth I am mixed with several different types of blood. Yes, Caucasian is one of them. Let’s just say if you seen me in the street, your first guess would be that I was Mexican. Then, I would steal your car stereo and remove all doubts.

I am also an American. I grew up on Chuck Norris movies and G.I. Joe figures. I like seeing things blow up and drinking a lot of cheap beer. As with any true patriot in this country nowadays, I also hate Bush. But I do like pirates. Strange.

I was born in the late seventies, grew up in California in the eighties, did a lot of drugs in the nineties, and now stand at nearly thirty years of age halfway through this new decade and I am still pretty much lost. I have one child from a previous marriage that ended by totally fucking my outlook on relationships and currently live in an apartment in Denver with two roommates. I have been a furniture mover for the past ten years. I usually work three days a week and do my thing here in my free time.

Now let’s talk about why I say some of the things I do. First of all, let me just say it is not easy to gain the title of the most hated on ShoutWire. Frankly, it’s fucking hard to just get noticed. We got ten editors working plus the user submissions. There is a lot for people to see here to remember who one guy is.

Hell, I don’t believe half of what I write here. If I did, I would be a dirty Nazi bastard. However, sometimes one must play the catalyst. Be the Bad guy, so to speak. We had a discussion that I started on religion that went on to over a thousand comments. That is a good sized discussion amongst people all over the world on any given topic. The only way an article like that is going to generate such a reaction is if it is biased as all fuck. Half of the people that clicked on it did so because of the title.

If anyone ever disagrees with me they at least know they can tell me to fuck off. I have been called a lot of things and had just about every aspect of myself attacked, not without good reason of course, but none of it will ever bother me. I know that you are not talking about me, you are talking about a name on the internet and its ideas. That’s all any of us really are here, just names attached to ideas.

While it is true some of the things I write I write simply for a reaction, that’s not a bad thing. Some of the reactions are awesome. I have seen guys go to great lengths to disprove my theories and sometimes it makes for a damn good read. To be fair, everything I write I do believe on some superficial level, but my actual ideas are like ten times less radical.

There. Now you are all in on the joke. Stop trying to beat me up.


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