Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kids: Ditch School or Die

Yet again those of us who live on the western slope of the great Rocky Mountains have another dead high school student on our hands. We just can’t seem to stop our kids from getting shot while they are in school. Could it be that the crisp mountain air just inspires feelings of murder and suicide? Maybe it has something to do with the inferior quality of our baseball team? Tom Cruise has a house out here and that always raises a suspicious eye in my perspective.

All jokes aside, the man who perpetrated this crime was a sick fuck. Am I not the only one bothered by the fact that he only took little girls hostage? Jesus fucking Christ, where is Batman when you need him? Also, why wasn’t someone sent in to take this guy out before he had a chance to use his gun on one of the innocent students?

I understand the fact that the United States government does not negotiate with terrorists, but why do we allow our own citizens to perpetrate terrorist acts such as this without swift and sure action? What happened to police officers exhibiting bravery in the line of duty? It takes all of three seconds for a trained man or woman to walk into a room and put a bullet in a mans head, I don’t see what the problem here is.

People who walk into school and take hostages deserve to die, period. Six young lives were on the line the other day and not one police officer had the balls to put those lives over his and do something about it. They waited outside until the man killed himself. Where is the justice in that? Any real man is willing to give his life for a child at the drop of a hat without regard for his own personal safety. Was there not a real man in the crowd that day?

Our police officers in this country are over rated. This situation just proves that. We are suppose to respect them because they put their lives on the line everyday for our safety when in reality the first time a dangerous situation pops up, they group together just out of reach of said danger and “discuss things”. Not only that, but they cordon off the area so regular citizens who might have the balls they lack are kept out. In this particular case, a young woman paid the ultimate price for their cowardice.

The police are too arrogant. Sure, they are all big men when they are pulling you over for speeding or attacking a drunkard in full force at the bar for making a little too much noise. Why can’t they act like that when six young girls are being held hostage in a high school English class? In situations like that, I say fuck the safety of the officers; it is time then to earn their pay. If the job is so stressful that sometimes you shoot innocent kids for pulling out water guns on you, then why can’t you handle a real criminal when young people are in danger?

This young girl died because the police and school system failed her, plain and simple. We should have a reasonable expectation of safety when we send our kids to school. Maybe I should take little zero aside and give him a few automatic weapons to carry around in his backpack seeing as how the authorities won’t protect him? This is far from the first time this has happened to our society in the past few years, where are the contingency plans?

This site is very diverse. We have students and parents that visit and read. We should all be outraged that shit like this is still allowed to happen. Maybe if the school systems were spending some of the money they get from the government on security instead of palm pilots and laptops for the principles own personal use we could prevent incidents like this.

We are not talking about fixing homelessness here. It should not be that hard to guarantee the safety of our kids at school. It is ridiculous that I even had to write this.



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