Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Corporate America: You Will Never Take The Internet!

It seems as of late corporate America has been rearing its ugly head in places it does not belong in an attempt to control the final truly free entertainment medium we have left in our world. Everywhere from lobbying congress for more control to buying out whatever the website of the week is, these scumbags in dark suits will not stop until they control everything we see on our beloved World Wide Web.

You may not have noticed the news stories, and for good reason. Every time a freedom is taken from the citizens of the internet it gets downplayed almost to the point of invisibility. You don’t see CNN or Fox news reporting on any of this. Why not? Simple, because they are a part of the corporations, and the less we know as a people, the easier it will be to take control of us quickly and quietly.

Do not think it can’t happen. Tyrants take control of things everyday without much fanfare; just ask any citizen of the United States of America. Already we are bombarded by spyware and pop up ads nearly everywhere we go. They have been trying to force this upon us for years. Now that the numbers still don’t add up like they are suppose to, they want to create laws and take the power they want. This is the way they work, they have done it in every other facet of society and the internet, to them, is the biggest cash cow in the pasture.

What they do not know is it will never work. There are a million reasons out there why it will never work. I am one of them. You are another. We are joined by the 15 million + other users of Torrentspy and ShoutWire. Add to that everyone else in the world who has ever turned on a computer and had a reasonable expectation of privacy and we have the biggest army the world has ever seen. As any veteran of this great web knows, it doesn’t take much to incite the people, and when riled we can be more deadly than a whole truck full of hornets nests crashed on the interstate.

It doesn’t take much. Hell, we do battle with each other all the time, imagine if we all joined together behind one cause to fight one enemy. Make no mistake about it, these corporate avengers are the enemy of each and every one of us here. They may not tell us to our face but one can only imagine the types of things said about us in those ultra-modern, high-rise board rooms during those wicked profit margin meetings. Trust me, they are talking about us and they are planning an attack.

It will end up being a massacre. These swine have underestimated the power of the good people of the internet. They have no idea what they are getting into. It will be worse than Custer’s last stand. They are trying to march on our canyons when we hold the high ground and the sniper rifles. You don’t kick the fire without expecting to stir up some sparks.

I’m going to end this with a quote from the great Tyler Durden that rings true in this situation just as much as it did in Chuck Palahniuk’s great book. Corporate America take heed. “We cook your meals, we drive your ambulances. We connect your calls, we guard you while you sleep. Do not... fuck with us.”

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