Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Surprise! Another Gangster Rapper Shot

In news that is becoming all too common as of the past few years, another rapper was shot and killed early Tuesday outside a nightclub in Detroit.

Proof, a member of Eminems rap group D-12, was killed by crossfire in the early morning hours of last night outside a Detroit nightclub. Police told the press that he and one other man were shot in the head. The other gentleman, not even a semi-famous gangster rapper, is still alive.

When the police arrived on the scene after a 911 call, they found the bar empty. All the injured were taken to the hospital in private vehicles. Proof, whose real name is Deshaun Holton, was pronounced dead on arrival at St. John Conner Creek, an outpatient treatment facility that use to be a hospital. It seems the driver of the vehicle that was taking him wasn’t up on the current status of the hospital.

Police did not know what Proof was doing at the bar or what it was doing operating after licensed hours. "It's kind of a messy affair, and we're trying to sort it all out," said police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings. Messy indeed.

It is clear that this news doesn't come as a real surprise to anyone. Gangster rappers get killed, it is part of their job, and they have been doing it well since the early nineties. The only reason this guy even got any press is because he is in Eminems group, who, incidentally, nearly suffered another casualty a few months back when Obie Trice was shot as well. One might wonder if the great white hope himself may be next.

It is almost certain the police will not find the killer. It is rather obvious that they do not really try to hard in cases involving rappers. Their past arrest record in cases of musicians in general getting killed is not all that good, let alone gangster rappers.

In the end no one will remember this guy. He will be lost amongst the plethora of names of fallen hip hop stars. The only thing that can be said about this news item is that it is kind of sad, but not really.


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