Tuesday, October 10, 2006

September 11th, 2001

September 11th, 2001. The darkest day in the history of the United States. Some think it was Osama Bin Laden who perpetrated those most foul of acts upon the American people. Yet others say it was our own government that did the dirty deed. The only thing that is totally clear is that none of us will probably ever know the entire truth.

Recently, celebrities such as Charlie Sheen have voiced their concerns over the official story the United States government passed down to us. This has brought a new round of recent media attention to this already beaten and battered subject. Like ads on an infected operating system, new and elaborate conspiracy theories seem to be popping up out of nowhere.

One thing is for sure though, none of it really adds up. The idea that our own government would kill thousands of civilians is almost as ludicrous as saying that it was twelve men acting out their belief for their god that brought down those illustrious towers that Tuesday. Both stories reek of missing chapters, characters, and important plot points. It is reminiscent of a book that is half written and will never be finished.

With the freedom offered by the World Wide Web, anyone with a credit card and bit of imagination can put up what seems to be a credible website chocked full of speculations and half truths to deceive, whether on purpose or not, the information-hungry masses. It is a case of people emulating the government almost to the point of discrediting any story, true or not, about what may have happened that day. Any person with half a head of common sense doesn’t believe a word of the stinking pile of excrement from either side of the line.

So then, where does that leave us? Well, it leaves us five years down the road, which is exactly where we should be. Moving on with our lives like so many others have done before us in the face of such a tragedy. There is a point when the truth gets buried amongst rhetoric and false ideals of patriotism, both from inside and outside this great nation, so much so that the true story is lost forever. Normally, such a thing would take years to come about, but in this new society of fast food and even faster women, situations such as this tend to take a lot less time to make it to the point of no return.

Trust there are men and women out there, the ones truly responsible for this atrocity, living nice and happy lives with no consequences or repercussions reaped from their actions. Oh, but karma, she is a mean mistress, and can be more than a bitch if provoked properly. She does her job regardless of what has been made public, and she will be on about her warpath all too soon. Be not so quick to mourn for those who fall seemingly out of nowhere in the next few years, for it could be the swift hand of justice taking her revenge and serving it up cold. Thousands of souls are still wandering this Earth looking for closure, and that can not be a good thing for those involved that may have escaped.

The happy endings to this story might yet take place, where the villains get their just desserts; however, they are tales that may never be told. Somewhere deep in the backs of our minds, we know this will happen. We can only hope that it takes place before those wicked unnamed jackals have an opportunity to do it again.

It all boils down to this; there is a time for outrage and a time to move on. Our time for outrage passed a few years ago and we re-elected the very same bastards who no doubt had some kind of a hand in the events of that dark Tuesday. We watched it go by and said nothing. Now, the time has come to move on. Let’s do that.


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