Tuesday, October 10, 2006

From Russia With Love

In a move reminiscent of the cold war days, it seems our old friends the Russians just couldn’t keep their noses out of the latest American conquest. According to a report released by the Pentagon last week concerning the opening days of the war in Iraq, the big red machine provided Saddam Hussein with intelligence on strategic U.S. military moves over the vastness of the Iraqi desert. The Russian government has denied these claims.

The report states the Russians passed information on through their ambassador in Baghdad. A document dated 2 April 2003, quoting Russian intelligence, stated the U.S. would not initiate attacks on the capital until the Army’s 4th Infantry Division arrived on April 15. In fact, the city was taken nearly a week before that date.

This reinforced ideas that the U.S. had sent out false intelligence on the date of the attack in order to catch the Iraqi forces by surprise. It is possible that this was just another one of the military’s strategies to crush the Saddam regime. However, it may have been too much.

The report goes on to stay that the main reason Saddam was defeated was his own military foolishness. "The largest contributing factor to the complete defeat of Iraq's military forces was the continued interference by Saddam (Hussein)," it said mockingly.

As always, it is and will most likely remain unclear as to whether or not the two governments were working together. The official report states that they were not, but official reports have been known to be intentionally misleading. They are always much too boring. I like to think James Bond was personally involved along with a harem of half naked exotic women, betrayal, intrigue, espionage, and a giant laser set to destroy the earth.

Such is the overactive imagination of a bored writer.



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