Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Abortion Issue

Abortion has been a hot topic in the news lately and the front lines are getting heated. The religious right has won the battle in South Dakota while the left has likely triumphed in Texas, the state where Roe vs Wade originated.

It all comes down to control. The morality issue is a scapegoat. Of course we all have a problem with killing babies but the grey area involved with this subject is just too large. The question here is whether we should apply an absolute law to such a varied situation.

On one side we have the “It’s my body I can do with it what I want” argument. If everyone respected that idea we would be allowed to blow coke all day at the office, as long as we promised to sit quietly and not smoke.

On the other side we have the “everyone has a right to life” argument. The same people who use this are the people who support Bush’s war in Iraq and can’t wait for part two in Iran. They are hypocrites. I would think these people should be more worried about the dead babies that liter the roads in some third world countries than be obsessed with a cheerleader who just got knocked up by her football player boyfriend and doesn’t want to have a kid yet.

Everyone has an agenda they are trying to push. In the end we need to address the real issue which is the amount of unwanted pregnancies that are going on nowadays. We need better birth control and more education. We are spending too much of our tax dollars on the abortion debate when it could be put to better use elsewhere.

Both sides are missing the bigger picture and you can bet they will continue to for years to come.


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