Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Few Questions…

Some of the best, most provocative questions in this world are the ones we never ask. They are the ones that never get asked. No one has to answer these questions because no one has the balls to ask them. When one does step forward with the proper fortitude, they are silenced with tirades of insults and threats. Well, I am use to all that, so I got a few questions to ask. Even if they will never be answered, they need to be put out there, if for no other reason than to raise the discussion.

The first question is for Mr. George Bush, president of the United States of America. In fifteen words or less, tell us the truth about why we invaded Iraq. We already know that there were no WMD’s and from the way it looks now, the Iraqi people did not really want us to ‘liberate’ them. The truth will set you free. Or in this case, probably get you criminal charges.

The second question is for Islam. You claim to be a peaceful religion, yet innocent people all around the world are being killed in your name. Your actions are not backing up your claims. If you want people to respect you, here is an idea, stop strapping bombs to yourselves and running into crowded places.

Now, we come to the Mexican immigrants. Why do you mock a culture that you so desperately want to be a part of? Sorry, but waving those Mexican flags up and down our streets is not helping your image. Frankly, it just tells me you want to be put on a bus and sent back to the country you are so proud of, not be a part of the great United States. Be careful of the image you portray, because someday your works may come back to bite you in your ass in the worst way imaginable..

Then, we have the oil companies. Why does the gas price raise every other day when the price you pay per barrel is not rising in contrast? Is it because you seen an opening with the war in Iraq to screw the people of the world from behind and just couldn’t resist the temptation? Or maybe you just can’t relate to the average Joe who has to spend half of his weekly paycheck just to get back and forth from work because you all live in your nice, big houses and enjoy burning up all of our remaining fossil fuels with your oversized SUV’s and just can’t see what is really going down.

Here is one for the rest of the world. Why do you hate the American people so much? You know damn well we do not agree with what our government is doing, yet you still generalize us all into the same category as our president. You claim to have better morals than us then proceed to attack anytime you see more of you hanging around than us. We can not answer for what our government has done because, surprise, we have no control over it.

The last question goes out to all you PC people and religious zealots out there. What makes you think you’re so much better than any of the rest of us that you can tell us how we should think and talk? We don’t need you to save us or tell us who not to offend. You are making the world boring and too god damn placid. Stop.

These are questions that will never be answered. Why? Frankly, it is because the groups in question will never own up to the truth. They will never tell the good people of this earth their real agenda because if they did, they would be exposed for the idiots they are. In a way, it would also be exposing the rest of us for being lethargic enough to let them get away with such things.

It would show our species in a light that would be much too true for most. Honest people who have been duped into believing some of this crap would have to change their whole outlook on life. Some of us need these lies to justify our opinions.

That is really too bad for those of us who enjoy the truth. That was eaten long ago by that group of sharks I am always talking about.

Oh yes, the sharks are out there. They are not a myth. The myth is that they are fiction. It is a good thing people like me don’t believe in myths.



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