Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Video of US Hostage Jill Carroll Released

Somewhere in the vast desserts of the Middle East, a woman is held captive. A journalist, not a soldier. Her voice was heard by millions last night on the Al Jazeere television network. She was weeping and in a barely audible voice she called for the release of all women held by the American and Iraqi governments. She then said her captives would release her if those demands were met.

Her name is Jill Carroll and she is a freelance writer who works mainly for the Christian Science Monitor. She was abducted in Western Baghdad on the 7th of this month. Shortly there after a video tape appeared in which her captors threatened to kill her in 72 hours if their demands were not met. The second video tape appeared yesterday and was stamped with a January 28th date mark.

How tough do you have to be to kidnap a Christian reporter girl? Kidnapping a soldier is one thing because they are trained and prepared to take the risks involved with such an event, but when you are picking on a person who is just trying to document the happenings that is just cowardly.

It was also recently reported by the Arab News that the Americans have perpetrated similar acts. Soldiers were detaining wives of insurgents to gain what they call “leverage”. In other words, they were kidnapping innocent women in case they had some demands that needed to be met.

Remember the days when men would open up doors and give up our seats for women instead of taking them hostage to ensure our enemy’s will meet our demands? Someone once said that chivalry is dead and if that was true at that time, we have now burned the body and pissed on the ashes.

Just a note, if you didn’t like the editorial, you will surely like this.


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