Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Largest Bank Heist In History of England

Last Wednesday morning, in southeast England, a gang of armed robbers walked away from a cash depot heist with 40 million pounds ($94 million). It was the largest robbery in the history of the country.

The story sounds like it could have been written in Hollywood!

It began Tuesday night when a manager of the bank was pulled over by two members of the gang who were posing as police officers. The men asked him to leave the car, then kidnapped him at gunpoint. At the same time, halfway across town, the manager’s wife and kid were visited by two other members of the gang, again posing as the police. They told the woman her husband had been in an accident. She willingly and unwittingly drove off with them. They met up at a third location where the manager was shown his family and threatened at gunpoint. He was told to cooperate or they would die.

At 1 A.M. on Wednesday morning, the gang drove the manager to the cash depot, followed by a white truck. He let them in and they overpowered and tied up the fourteen employees that were keeping watch. For the next hour, they proceeded to load the truck with millions of dollars worth of banknotes. They then drove off and haven’t been seen since. No one was injured.

The police have urged anyone who has any information to step forward. Personally, I hope they get away with it.


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