Tuesday, October 10, 2006

President Bush Forever

Here is the proof . For those of you not familiar with the 22nd amendment, it is the clause in the constitution that allows a man to only serve two consecutive terms as president. It seems Bush is trying to circumvent that rule.

Sure, you may think this is old news, but the bill is still out there somewhere. It hasn’t been passed or shut down. The last anyone heard of this is that on 4/4 of last year, it was referred to a house subcommittee. The most disturbing fact is that this may be the first a lot of you have heard of this.

The mainstream news didn’t report on this properly. I don’t know about the others, but to this amateur reporter, the story is pretty big. It could have very serious ramifications on the future of this world. Imagine four more years of Bush.

That is a scary thought for those of us who like peace. The man has already stated that he is not afraid to go to war with more than just Iraq. Just think the kind of destruction he could reign upon this Earth if he is given a lifetime to do it.

If you aren’t an American, this piece of Information should disturb you. If you are an American, it should not only disturb you that the Bush administration is attempting to doctor the constitution, it should infuriate you. The 22nd amendment is what protects us from being a dictatorship.

Who knows how long that protection will last?


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