Tuesday, October 10, 2006

University Unwittingly Steers Students to "Hot Girls"

Future Seton Hall applicants got a surprise in their applications last week. It seems the papers sent to the perspective students overseas inadvertently contained an advertisement that promised students the opportunity to chat with "hot, horny girls."

Is their basketball team really that bad, that they have to throw some hot chicks into the deal to get students to sign up? Maybe, especially after the past couple years.

If you aren’t familiar with Seton Hall, it is a catholic university in New Jersey. For those of you unfamiliar with the catholic religion, it is assumed to be a sin to chat with hot, horny girls.

Seton Hall spokesman Thomas White told the Star-Ledger of Newark for Thursday's newspapers that the error was in both the online and print applications, and may have been present for several years.

Similar typos have caused embarrassment for other institutions recently. Last year motorists looking for special license plates were accidentally sent by brochures and the Web site of New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission to a phone-sex line. In December, seniors calling a toll-free number to ask questions about Medicare were directed to a similar service due to a misprint in 20,000 letters sent by insurer Humana.


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