Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Farce Of The Century

"I want to leave the court," said Saddam to the Judge. “Ok, leave the court” said the Judge to Saddam. "I led you for 35 years and you order me out of the court?", Saddam shot back. Then he was led out of the court, shouting "Down with the traitors!" as he went.

When I was ten, we had a mock trial in my 4th grade class that had more respectability than this thing. It is a farce on many levels. It has gotten to the point where one wonders when Saddam will use the “Chewbacca defense” to confound his Iraqi counterparts.

America is stupid. Yes, I said it, warm up the tar and chase me out of town with the feathers of our chickens stuck to my ass. This whole trial is our fault. Considering our track record with trials (i.e. OJ, Robert Blake), maybe we weren’t the best qualified to perpetrate such a circus.

Don’t get it twisted; it is an American trial. Just because it isn’t taking place under the palm trees of southern California does not mean that we don’t have total control over it. Ask yourself this: if Saddam is found innocent, will we really let him walk? We all know the answer to that.

Everyone knows it is a show put on by the Bush admin so the rest of the world can see how we “freed” the Iraqi people and displayed nobility in the form of trial. What he is accused of is not murder, but rather crimes of war. He should be tried before the UN, not some random Iraqis who all reside in George W. Bush’s back pocket.

Saddam is a walking dead man. Either he will be sentenced to death or assassinated before the trial is over. Unless, that is, the Chewbacca defense somehow works. Stranger things have happened!


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