Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Step Back From Politics

There is a gang war going on just off the banks of the Potomac River. A gang war that has spread to every corner of the great United States of America like a plague of wild locusts descending upon an unsuspecting grove of orange trees. There is no escape and otherwise respectable people are taking part in this sick and twisted barbaric action.

Yes, I am talking politics. It is the dirtiest game known to man. In a world filled with special interest money and ambitious young horny interns, men run around all day like rabid dogs biting not only the competition, but also the very hand that feeds them. In the process, they are dragging down every decent man, woman, and child who claims this country as their home.

They have made it seem okay to generalize the public and lump them into two groups. Conservative and liberal. In the otherwise peaceful environments of our country’s playgrounds, schools, colleges, offices, and job sites, generally good people are arguing over things they have no possible control over. Even here on ShoutWire at times the shit hits the fan.

Really, what do any of us have to gain from all the bickering? By trying to save the poor, helpless bastard on the other end of the conversation from possibly having a view of his own on a subject and becoming “champions of the internet” are we at all making the world a better place?

We all know the answer to that. Here is a better question. Do the politicians we put so much of our energy into the arguments of their ideals really give two shits about us as a people? God, the questions get easier and easier to answer as we go along.

So why do it? Seriously, why not shed the labels of republican or democrat and take a look at people’s ideas for what they are. Let’s shut out the extremists like Bill O’reilly and Michael Moore and open up our minds to change. Everyone knows the system we have right now only works just enough to keep itself around and just short of doing anything good for the people that support it. The problem with America doesn’t lie with our leaders; it is all upon the people that are too divided to do anything about them.

That goes for elephants and jackasses. Jesus, they even have mascots. Red versus blue, rich versus poor, good versus evil. Tyler Durden once said “You are not your fucking kahkis” and he was right. You are not your fucking political party either.

I say we take a step back. Forget following anything blindly like sheep being led to the slaughter. Who says we can’t halfway agree with both sides? While it may be true that the best place to drive is not in the middle of the road, we're not talking about rush hour traffic here. This is life. This is our world. This is important.


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