Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Singing Nazi Twins

I knew this world was twisted before I watched this news report. But now all doubts I may have had have been extinguished. Thank you, Nazi twins.

What is so misguided about this story is the parents. Also the older brother, that dude just sounded creepy calling his sisters attractive. He had sort of a deliverance thing going on there, but I’ll get back on track.

The parents: idiots and scum of the worst kind. They only believe in ethnic cleansing because if it was a cleansing of stupidity they would be first in line to be burnt in the town square at high noon.

The little girls don’t know what they are doing. Listen to them, they are clueless. Like all kids, they repeat what their parents say. When they answer questions you can hear behind their hesitation that they are saying what they were told to say.

It’s a crazy world they live in, where cows have swastika brands, mothers are proud to be racists, and former klan member/presidential candidates with 80’s hair and cheap suits roam freely. These little girls have been proverbially and literally raped of their innocence by a white supremacist world who markets them amongst each other like cheap Taiwanese whores during a U.S. ship docking.

I can’t believe these people live in America. These are the people who voted for George Bush and hate Pornography. These are the people that give our great nation a bad name. People like this don’t even live in Germany for Christ sakes.

In the end, the decent people of this planet can take solace in the fact that these two young blonds will probably grow up to marry rap stars and have a brothel full of ghetto kids that run around calling each other “crackers” and listening to old Tupac cd’s. Because that is how irony works.


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