Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Comic Book Kidnappings Prevail in Insurgents Strategy

Since anti-American sentiment is running so damn high all across the world, I think it's only fair to take a look at the other side of the war in Iraq. Four peaceful aid workers were kidnapped Friday, and in true cowardly fashion, paraded around on videotape by their captors for the entire world to see.

All the video tapes are the same. Some extremist jackass with a shirt wrapped around his face holds a gun to the head of the poor scared foreigner they found the easiest to snatch up and reads some bullshit comments on how if everyone doesn’t bow to their wishes, they will cut his head off and feed it to the pigs. Where is Batman when you need him?

I can’t believe these idiots think even for a second they will get what they want. It’s like something out of a damn comic book for Christ's sake; these guys might as well come up with funny names for each other and run around in tights.

Friday they got an Englishman, two Canadians and a Virginian ... two days earlier, a German archeologist and her driver. So far, among the 200 foreigners who have been kidnapped since the beginning of the fighting in 2003, there are South Koreans, East Asians, and even Somalians.

The people behind the kidnappings claim to be “freedom fighters”. To paraphrase the great George Carlin, “If a crime fighter fights crime, and a firefighter fights fires, then what does a freedom fighter fight?” Exactly.

If it was the American troops that did this, the world would call for the beheading of every bald eagle in existance. Think about it, a couple of guys burn a few bodies, and the world is outraged. The kind of kidnapping and terrorizing of the Earth's citizens we are talking about here makes that whole scenario seem like child’s play.

The scum perpetrating these acts is the worst kind of coward. If they want a fight so badly, there are plenty of American troops walking around the desert looking for that very thing. Stop being such god damn weasels and grabbing the weakest civilians you can find on the street to torment with your idiotic ideals, and go find a man with a gun to tell it to. Oh yeah, and stop kidnapping girls.


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