Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The 9 Best Fights You Will See On The Internet


I know what you're thinking.  "Boxing sucks, apart from quick knockouts, the guys just dance around the ring."  Not so in this case.  Im putting up round 6 because I know this is the internet and your attention span doesn't last long enough to watch the whole fight.  This round will give you an idea of the pace of the entire fight.  These guys look like they genuinely hate each other and really want to kick each other's asses.  Boxing fans will know this is one of the greatest fights of all time.  For non-boxing fans, just give it twenty seconds.  This wasn't a boxing match, this was a street fight with gloves.

Frye vs Takayama

You have never heard of these guys.  That's ok.  Ass kicking fights are ass kicking fights, doesn't matter whether you have heard of the guys or not.  Watch how they punch each other in the face... repeatedly.  Really hard.  For a long time.

Flyers Vs Senators

There is an old saying: "I was at a fight and a hockey game broke out."  This next video embodies that principle.  If you didn't like the first two fights, you will love this one.  This shit goes on for like 4 minutes and guys get knocked the fuck out.  Just about everyone on the ice finds someone to exchange punches with.  Arguably, and ironically, hockey is more violent than either of the above sports.  

A soccer game

Or football for those of you across the pond.  Whatever you want to call it, just make sure you don't make the mistake most Americans do and think that it is for girls.  These guys are rough and like to fight.  This next video is a compilation of many fights.   To pick just one would be blasphemy.

Fans vs Security Guards

Speaking of football, it's not just the players that like to kick ass, though they do join in on this brawl.  These security guards take it upon themselves to beat the shit out of one rabid fan when the rest of the rabid fans and the rabid players take exception and return the ass kicking in droves.  Enjoy this one, I know I did.

Some crazy dudes

The best fights don't always take place in a sanctioned event.  These next two guys just didn't like each other for some reason.   They start out in a clinch and just start punching the fuck out of each other.  Fighting in front of a crowd of thousands for money is one thing.  Fighting in front of a crowd of a few guys for respect is an entirely different deal.  

Russian gang fight

What do you get when you mix two large groups of fuckers who hate each other and some molatov cocktails?  People get knocked the fuck out is what you get.  I'm not sure who they were or what they were even fighting for, but it must have been something important.  Or maybe it wasn't, who cares?  Mayhem ftw!


Dude vs crowd

In this case, the dude wins.  Everyone that brings some kind of move on him gets knocked the fuck out.  The rest of the crowd gets a bit less than brave after seeing the first two get handled.  Either this was a crowd of pussies or this guy is a  god damn ninja.  

Porn star fight!

Yep, that's right.  One of these chicks, the girl in yellow I believe but don't quote me on that, actually goes on to be a porn star... proving that some porn stars have a good right hook.  Actually, I didn't see the right hook.  You probably won't either.  But you will see a pipe to the dome...  


Anonymous said...

Dude vs Crowd fight is a trafic caused fight happened in Turkey i have seen it on tv and it rocks! Dude is a security guy working for a bank and got some punching skills but I have seen better skilled people fighting at suburb bazaars which can perform dual feet flying kicks above the apple filled bazaar benchs!


Anonymous said...

the guy vs crowd is a boxer he said it himself, how can u not put a video of kimbo there, biggest south florida street fighter, this article sucked just because of that. Nice fights :P

Anonymous said...

While the videos were pretty good and the 2nd one is most amazing ( to me ) i feel you should post one of these 2 as well :

This is one of the best K1 fighters, awesome kicks with legs, professional fighter.

This is K1 fighter as well, he is awesome because he is both-handed and both-legged ( lol ), it doesnt matter for him with which part of his body he hits, also he uses knees quite a lot.


Gouku said...

First youtube link posted above comment is also a turkish fighter. In turkey people fight in spirit and I can say all u see in K1 are child fight when compared to my whitnessed fights. In suburbs you must see Bus/cab drivers footbal holygans police x vs x fights are best :)

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