Thursday, May 07, 2009

The 7 Hottest Lesbians

1.  Angelina Jolie

Frickin Brad Pitt is the luckiest guy in the world.  Well... except the fact that he has to take care of all those kids she adopts, which by last count leaves little time for hot lesbian action.  Even two minutes a day would do it though.  Hell, I would care for the entire population of homeless Mexican kids for two minutes a day.  

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2.  Christina Aguilera

This hot little vixen has admitted more than once she likes a little girl tongue in her mouth... and I don't mean her own.  While her singing sucks and I would rather stab my self in the ears with a dull spoon handle than sit through one of her songs, I would keep my eyes intact.  My eyes and my penis, for obvious reasons.

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3.  Lindsey Lohan

Hot?  Check.  Likes to party?  Check.  Likes to sex up other chicks?  Fucking check!  It is not rehab Lindsey needs, like so many of her friends and probation officers publicly exclaim.. nope, it is a camcorder, fast internet connection, and YouTube account... and a spectator, just to make sure it is all real.  I nominate my penis.

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4.  Nelly Furtado

She is like a bird... she will only fly away.  But before she does, if we're lucky she will feel up some boobs before she takes off.  Recently, she came out and stated she wanted to have her own gay pride parade.  I think I speak for the entire internet when I say I will beat the ass of anyone who protests and tries to get in the way of a possible middle-of-the-street make-out session.

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5.  Lucy Liu

I fricking knew it.  When I seen the way she looked at Uma Therman in "Kill Bill 2", all I could think was 'can it be carpet munching tiem nao'?  Her admitting to kissing other chicks was the single greatest achievement in the entire history of any Asian culture anywhere, ever.  Even better than when Bruce Lee ripped the chest hair from Chuck Norris's very chest.

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6.  Drew Berrymore

A while back, the chick who was once the little girl from ET admitted to liking women 'sexually'.  By 'sexually' she meant "HELL YEAH I LIKE TO CHUM TUNA!"  No wonder she slept with Tom Green.  Without the cheesy goatee, he is half chick himself.  

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7.  Michelle Rodriguez

This chick looks like she might just kick your ass and steal your girlfriend.  Never would taking an ass whuppin be for such a good cause.  Take your black eye, shut the fuck up, and realize you just did a great favor for all mankind... but only after you hide outside the window with a video camera and live internet stream...

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  1. Anonymous8:32 PM

    You suck oozero. Go kill yourself.


  2. Anonymous11:28 PM

    okay, there's a distinction between bisexual and lesbian... are you aware of the difference? are any of these women actual lesbian lesbians? and why the fuck isn't portia de rossi on this list, she's hot as shit, and, you know, actually dates a woman.

  3. Anonymous11:41 PM


  4. Burgerfred12:20 AM

    Michelle Rodriguez. If i could stick my meat in her two buns...
    Now that would be my kinda burger...

    Nice blog site xxoozero

  5. Anonymous12:22 AM

    I hope you get raped and left for dead, zero.

  6. Anonymous2:06 AM

    LOL for comment #5... good one Zero

  7. Anonymous5:46 AM

    All good, cept the Chinese chick.

    That shit just dont float my boat..

  8. Was Lucy Liu even in Kill Bill Vol. 2 except for the briefest of glances? I'm pretty sure she was only really in Vol. 1. She died at the end.

  9. Zero is an ass. I saw him bending over once sucking his own ass. That's how bad he sucks ass. When there isn't an ass available to suck he sucks his own. That's pretty ass-sucky. Also he fucks amputees. I don't mean when conscious either. He does it during the surgery. Oh and he also had sex with me a few times.

  10. Anonymous3:20 PM


  11. Anonymous1:08 PM

    First of all...get ur research right dickhead...Michelle Rodriguez is the only les...secondly, I wish these girls along with every other girl out there read ur "blogs" and stear clear of ur dirty cock like we all should :) go fuck yourself.

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